Quenum marks his long-awaited return to Crosstown Rebels sister label Rebellion on the diverse Valley of True People EP, following his last release on the label in 2012, where he collaborated with Dachshund. This new four-track EP demonstrates the elegant and deep styles of his sound that he is renowned for.

“I made this EP in a very personal mode, some days my mood was darker and some days more positive. Some days I was into melody, you can hear that in Valley of True People. Other days I was more focused on rhythm, that’s how I felt the day I produced Rebellion, which I’ve already played in clubs and it has gone down well with the crowd!”  Quenum

Valley Of True People kicks off the EP with the romance of flamenco guitar that conjures up images of dusk in summer, developing with an enticing melody and subtle groove. Rebellion is pure dancefloor hypnotism focused on a distorted looping vocal sample that builds with intensity. Tek Me is a monstrous track featuring foreboding electronics and ominous bass that cut into a tribalistic drum loop. Nightmare Dream sees Quenum boast his melodic mastery again, this time layering multiple quirky bursts of colour as he immerses you with his palette of sound.

Quenum has an established 30-year career that gains the attention and respect of both techno legends and younger fans alike. His knowledge and thirst for music originated in London during the nineties playing at legendary clubs such as The End and The Velvet Rooms for Carl Cox’s Ultimate Base nights. Moving on to work with Luciano, they made history, forming the famous Cadenza label. As a solo artist he has released outstanding techno on Transmat, Crosstown Rebels, Cocoon, Fabric, Get Physical and more.

Buy ‘Valley Of The True People EP’ here: https://lnk.to/RBL071