Platinum award winning German duo Quarterhead make their Club Sweat debut banding together with the fierce Camden Cox for guaranteed dance-floor filler, ‘System Overload’. Dialling up the heat and flexing their epic production talents, this dynamic banger is driven by a powerful moog bassline and an unrelenting four-to-the-floor beat. Camden Cox’s sugary, euphoric vocals enter the fray ready to hypnotise as they cascade around enticing synth strokes and intoxicating sirens. Oozing with steeze and dripping in temptation, this almighty trio have fashioned a tech stomper like no other.

For Quarterhead this “is one of our dream collaborations coming to life! 5 minutes into the session with Camden Cox we started talking about the invisible energy of music and excessive musical moments. A couple of hours later ‘System Overload’ was born. We tried to load the atmosphere of the production with explosive energy, sirens and a heart rate increasing bass line.”

“System Overload” is out now!