How to turn a moment of worry, uncertainty, and isolation into something of a warm-hearted, creative catalyst? How to build bridges when humanity in its entirety seems caught in the nets of decisively painful crossroads? Written and recorded during the lockdown that has put our civilisations to sleep for the past year, the new album from Third Attempt comes as a much welcome balmy treat to our existentially dreadful times.

The first single from the album is ‘Missing Feeling’. Drifting towards more ethereally soulful heights, the brittle ‘Missing Feeling’ has us teleported to poetic jazz dreamlands in a snap of the finger. Fusing a solid bass with lush flocks of mischievous woodblocks and otherworldly chimes, the track floats in a zone of its own, just as eerily lavish as it is invitingly emotional.

Editor’s Review : “Third attempt is back with some very smooth, very deep jazzy house vibes, coming to you from the edge of the Artic Circle. Releasing on his home label Beatservice Records, this is high quality, lo fi house music at its best to ease you into day or night. With playful trumpets floating over the warm and cosy beats, the track drifts to soulful heights and snowy peaks, transporting you to a white jazz lounge in an instant. Merging solid bass, with clever percussion and other wordly vibes, the tracks wraps you up in a warm and cosy audio blanket and lets you know that everything is going to be okay.”

Artist: Third Attempt
Title: Missing Feeling
Label: Beatservice Records
Release Date: 2020-01-29

Turn it up & enjoy!