After switching on the heat earlier this year on Knee Deep In Sound, Scoom Legacy steps up to the plate for another enchanting encounter, crammed full of mystical melodies which in return create pure and emotive music for the dancefloor. The “Turbulence” EP sits comfortably on Terranova Records and features an outstanding remix from on form producers from Iran, Hamoon & Amiralee. The release lands on 23rd of July, right on cue to make a mark in the collections of DJs and tastemakers this summer.

First on the agenda is “Atypical Sunrise”, a three minute cinematic journey that entices you in with it’s sparkling synths and glistening pads, leading you down a road of curiosity. A track that has the definite ability to control the surroundings around you, melding universes together to paint a unique picture.

On a more direct tip is title track “Turbulence”, from the get go you are drifting gently along with a loungey deep house groove, inviting you into the world of Scoom Legacy. Before you know it you are entered into peak “Turbulence” with ricocheting melodies constantly evolving, combined with energetic crashes creating a rollercoaster effect. One second you have your eyes closed in the land of dreams, and the next you are pumping your fists in the air.

Artist: Scoom Legacy
Title: Turbulence
Label: Terranova
Release Date: 2021-07-16

Turn it up & enjoy!