2021 is here, and while we still can’t physically travel, in mind and spirit, we’re heading straight to Brazil for Carnaval with this record, the debut single from SAIDÊRA.

Saidêra is a project from two buds we’ve partied and played with over the years, ALEX PASTERNAK (LEMONADE) and MIKE CHEEVER (AVAN LAVA), plus their Brazilian brother, VADINHO FREIRE, a samba school singer in Rio de Janeiro. With their music, they meet somewhere between their home countries while also exploring other realms: the tracks are structured around samba rhythms and tropes, and the crackly yet smooth vocals, in Portuguese, of course, reinforce Brazil as the place of origin, but the instrumentals articulate a more complicated tale. A little bit of sunshiny, downtempo beach lounge, a little bit of buttery Balearic chill-out.

The digital version comes with instrumental mixes plus a remix from GUERRINHA, which adds bright organ vamps, snappy drums, and pitched vox. More to come, too! A 12-inch, which will include a RAY MANG version, is around the corner.

Title:Deixa Tudo Fluir
Label:Let’s Play House
Release Date: 2020-02-12

Turn it up & enjoy!