Introducing “Change Your Way,” the latest release from Fireworks, featuring the seasoned Chicago duo Panfil & Rubh. With a decade of experience and an impressive portfolio that includes labels such as: HOT FUSS, BLAAH!, RIM, STRICTLY, and FARRIS WHEEL, these artists bring a deep understanding of the dance music landscape to Fireworks.

This track stands as more than just a vibrant addition to the label’s growing catalogue; it’s a resonant message about adaptability and innovation. “Change Your Way” encapsulates a philosophy of altering one’s approach to overcome challenges, embodied in its rhythmic intensity and captivating beats.

Marking the fourth release of Fireworks, this track is not just an introduction of Panfil & Rubh to the label but a testament to their prowess in creating music that moves both the body and the spirit. Their Chicago roots infuse an authentic house vibe, while their forward-thinking approach ensures a fresh and invigorating experience.

Artist: Panfil & Rubh
Title: Change Your Way
Label: Fireworks
Release Date: 2023-12-29

Turn it up & enjoy!