Energetic grooves, funky synths and kick-ass percussions. Feel intrigued yet? We know it’s been a challenging year, but we will not be stopped from doing what we do best. Releasing music that gives us butterflies. And who better to set us off into the spring than our very own Mitch Dodge, hailing from beautiful San Diego? He is already a familiar face on SNOE, so all we really want to say is how excited we were when we got these phenomenal tunes in our inbox.

Short and fierce, “Tell Me” leaves nothing to coincidence. In true Mitch-stye, the track is fresh and bodacious with the groove driving us forwards along an enthralling and dirty bassline. Secondly, “Keep Doing” gives us an acid inspired and naughty synth accompanied by rolling drums, keeping the mood vivid and positive.

Artist: Mitch Dodge
Title: Tell Me
Label: SNOE
Release Date: 2021-03-29

Turn it up & enjoy!