The summer is almost here, and SNOE is ready to kick it off with a full on Tech House frenzy. Although we can’t go to a club, there is nothing keeping you from blasting this two-tracker in your living room and dancing your ass off. Mitch Dodge and Susio from across the pond have graced us with their exquisite music making skills and brought “Funktionality EP” straight to our speakers. Based in California, these guys are known for their positive vibes and never-ending energy, which this is just what we need now.

First off, the title track gets us moving right from the first beat. An incredibly catchy groove slowly teases us towards the chunky goods that explode around us when the bass kicks in. Supported by the funky vocals and tight percussions, the track drives us forward filled to the brim with endorphins. Following up “Funktionality” is “LMK”. Fun and energetic the track oozes of good times, and while the bouncy bassline is the super star, all the quirky elements and vocal work changes it up and gives the techy tune some proper attitude.

These grooves are what we live for. Again and again this EP keeps on hitting that sweet spot and makes it hard to stand still. We are happy to dance with you to our SNOE nr. 52.

Funktionality is out on 5/25/2020 on SNOE


Artist: Mitch Dodge, Susio
Title: Funktionality
Label: SNOE
Release Date: 2020-05-25




Turn it up & enjoy!