The new release signed by Cocada brings two tracks by the young man from São Paulo, who is increasingly catching eyes and ears to his music. The first, ‘Falador’, in collaboration with Leo Janeiro, is a house reinterpretation of a classic Brazilian samba. Loosely cadenced and soft, the track features samples of a song from the 70s, including vocals, cuíca and the notable whistle – in addition to keyboard notes that stand out in the foreground and lead the melody.  More agitated, ‘Bora Dançar’ is a kind of reprise of the previous one. With the same beat, it samples other parts of the music, such as viola chords and the brass, fusing them in a delicious piano-house gem that should work both in lounges and warmups and at peak moments of house dance floors. In the final minutes, a surprise: the iconic synth of ‘Your Love’, one of the greatest hits of the godfather of house music, Frankie Knuckles, enters the scene.  The final result of the package is a tribute to both samba and Brazilian music, as well as the origins of the house music, on a full plate of reverence for both styles.

Artist: Leo Janeiro & Seed Selector
Title: Falador
Label: Cocada Music
Release Date: 2021-04-23

Turn it up & enjoy!