With 23 tracks to choose from, there’s no faulting the value for money offered by this summer compilation from London’s Slightly Transformed label. Such an extensive tracklist also offers plenty of scope for stylistic variety, with tracks ranging from laidback, groovesome boogie/soul jams like opener ‘What Are We Gonna Do’ to the mellow Balearic haze of ‘Summer In The City’, via the strident 80s attitude of ‘Edgy’, the looping filter disco of ‘Something About Love’, the authentic-sounding Blaxploitation funk of ‘Mac And Carly Go Uptown’, the Zapp/Cameo-isms of ‘Firebabe’ and even a bossa nova cover of Bill Withers. Serve poolside, accompanied by several mojitos, for maximum impact!

Summer Numbers is out 8/28/2020 on Slightly Transformed


Artist: Lego Edit
Title: Summer Numbers
Label: Slightly Transformed
Release Date: 2020-08-28


Turn it up & enjoy!