Expanding from drawing and doodling at young age, to exploring the exciting feeling of being a DJ one day, KVRVBO found himself in the music industry after being inspired by his late brother and a few local DJs. Hailing from Duduza, East of Johannesburg, KVRVBO or Karabo Moloi is a full time creative, working as a Graphic designer & Art Director for a branding and Ad agency, DJ and Producer. The success of his earliest works led to recognition on one of South Africa’s leading radio station and releasing his first offcial track under Stay True Sounds.

Within his journey to become one of the best in the game, he has featured on a few compilations, an article feature on Red Bull, Pinnacle Pop and collaborated with the likes of Kid Fonque, Intr0beatz(Iceland), DR.1MORE, Billowjazz, Jazzuelle, Rephlex, Zito Mowa, Radic Da Myth, Messive Musik, Jus Tadi(Austria), SMBD, and more.

Artist: KVRVBO
Title: Le Fleur
Label: Iron Rods Music
Release Date: 2021-10-01

Turn it up & enjoy!