California-based singer, songwriter and performer JENNY VOSS breaks into the global house scene with the international debut of ‘Joy,’ set to be released with Dutch producer JØASE on December 4, 2020.

Within the framework of a spunky, House Pop track, ‘Joy’ captures the provocative excitement two lovers feel when blooming flirtations turn into a deepening connection when they choose to chase their joy. The production itself is heavily built with classic 90’s sounds of the Korg M1 synthesizer. The tasteful use of this monster, combined with the acid bassline throughout the track make up a retro feel with a modern twist. JENNY VOSS’ sultry vocals elevate JØASE’s bouncy melody and provide an uptempo, feminine touch to this catchy track that plays off JENNY’s favorite tagline “Never Stop Celebrating Life.” This sexy, euphoric house pop track will definitely stand the test of time.

Joy is out 12/04/20 on Candy Flip

Artist: JØASE feat. JENNY VOSS
Title: Joy
Label: Candy Flip
Release Date: 2020-12-04


Turn it up & enjoy!