In this release of Cocada Music, we welcome the Brazilian DJs and producers Bru Ferreira and Livia Lanzoni, whom for 10 years have been enjoying the beats of house music and for 4 years performed together as the From House to Disco duo. Knowing that “old is cool”, the duo, through the “Back to the Haus” EP, take advantage of their 4×4 ground to deliver essential grooves and classy bass and keyboard sequences.

“Back to the Haus”, a linear and simple track, is an ode to the Chicago warehouses and demonstrates, at the same time, the uniqueness and contemporaneity of these two promising Brazilian artists. Following, “Holidate” brings back all of the disco music gentle feeling with a refreshing aura, filled with various elements, since dynamic bass lines to reverb synths in different layers throughout its performance. From House to Disco is a definition of what we want to see in Cocada: addictive grooves mixed with Latin devotion.

Artist: From House To Disco
Title: Back To The Haus
Release Date: 2022-01-28

Turn it up & enjoy!