Eddie Merced shows a great debut on GabCat Records with his first single, entitled “From Within“ and delivers 3 deep Techno tracks plus a remix of Dub Producer Marco Cassanelli. The A-side “Pluto“ is characterized by dreamful pads and wide open bleeps that feels like an unreal spacewalk. Marco Cassanelli’s remix lifts Pluto with a 303 storm to a darker level. The flipside commences with “The Last of the Mo-Ricans“, with rolling hihat’s and a stomping bassline, whilst “Blue UFO“ close the single with soothing and melancholic sounds. With this release Eddie Merced marks himself as one to watch very closely for the future.

Eddie Merced – Blue UFO (Original Mix) [GabCat Records]

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Artist: Eddie Merced
Title: From Within EP
Label: GabCat Records
Release Date: 2016-10-10


– jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor