Brooklyn’s Let’s Play House label closes the books on 2019 with a dastardly slab of techno shenanigans from DJ MOUNTAIN DAD, a new alias of Lobster Theremin’s chief, Jimmy Asquith. Functional, tool-y dance tracks that have been run through a blender and administered electroconvulsive therapy. Freaky-deeky rallying cries for end-time raves and lock-in house parties lit only by busted strobes.

EP closer, “Piano Dream (Heaven & Earth Mix),” our pick of the bunch, deftly balances the DJ Mountain Dad ethos, tightly in one package: dancefloor ready, frenetic hi-hats and crunchy rhythms, foggy and yet some what menacing synth work… this one also features a relentless piano riff that has us singing “…she’s homeless….she’s homeless…la da di la da da….”







Artist: DJ Mountain Dad
Title: Step On The Edge EP
Label: Let’s Play House
Release: December 6th, 2019
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Catalog: LPHWHT24


– rider
Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor