Wearing his heart on his sleeve through his uniquely inclusive and love-affirming dance music stylings, POOLCLVB is now sharing his true authentic self. A human and a musician full of love, passion, and drive, the talented Sydney producer has found his pace with his recent single ‘Love Type’ gaining widespread support, and today releasing the new single of equal measure Broken Heart’. Earning a huge nod from triple j, ‘Love Type’ track became the #1 most played song on the station earlier this year, with presenters gushing left and right at both the lyrical content and the sonic textures that made for an incredibly instant and compelling anthem.
Inspired by all facets of art, POOLCLVB has found his muses in slam poetry in this short series of spoken word offerings. Sampling Shihan’s ‘This Type Love’ for ‘Love Type’, and now having come across the commanding and awe-inspiring collections from New York’s own Fanta Ballo for the release of ‘Broken Heart’.
To complete this mini tale, ‘Broken Heart’ does not just speak to the demise of a relationship, but more so to the acceptance of what is needed to move forward, POOLCLVB shares “I really wanted to bookend ‘Love Type’ with an emotionally charged conclusion. I felt there was more story to tell within the dynamic of relationship, falling in and out of love and the closure we seek. I have a deep appreciation for spoken word performance art and through the poetry of Fanta Ballo I feel we can all relate.” Whilst speaking to the messaging of the song and collaboration itself, Fanta shares “this song to me is about finding beauty and happiness through some of our toughest times. And mixing the gift of poetry and music together to create something magical!”

“Broken Heart” is out now!