The Diynamic Music label is back with another of their Picture EP series. It invites artists to go deeper and more broad in their offerings than a standard EP, and next up for the acclaimed concept is Hamburg pair Adana Twins.


Opening up the EP is the unexpected throwback 80s charms of My Computer, a synth heavy jam with robo-vocals and jerking beats. Agonist flips the script and goes for a much deeper kind of mood that is for back rooms late at night then Maoa flips you out with some nicely lively stabs and skyward synths disappearing up to the heavens. C3PO shows off more skilled synth work as the deft lines waft about above rooted drums and thundering claps add drama and Nobis is a more tense, peak time tech house cut that is edgy and menacing. Little Karlo closes out this most fantastic offering with some stepping chord sequences that will get the clubs bumping as the melodies rain down.


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