Alignment, Charlie Sparks, Dax J, SPFDJ, Fatima Hajji, François X and more all play


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Alignment, Caravel, Cera Khin, Charlie Sparks, Dax J, SPFDJ, DJ Hyperdrive, Fatima Hajji, François X, Future.666, Lee Ann Roberts, Luca Agnelli, OnlyNumbers, Shlømo, Valentinø and more all play.

Phase 2 is about to usher in a new era of techno for Ibiza. Every Wednesday from June 19, the game-changing party will welcome a mix of new school favourites, pioneers, cult techno club Tresor and legends of the scene to brand new space Avyca. Now, the weekly line-ups have been revealed and tickets are available from LINK.

The 14-week season opens on June 19 with the fast past techno of KNTXT star Alignment, seductive darkness of Lee Ann Roberts, plus OnlyNumbers, Veffev and more to be announced. The rest of June will see the likes of Cera Khin, Dyen, Acida, Anxhela, Dax J, François X, SLV, Luca Agnelli, and plenty of others.

July welcomes techno tastemakers such as Shlømo, Noisemachine, Fatima Hajji and Daria Kolosova on the 17th, Charlie Sparks, Lucia Lu, Parfait, Supergloss and Pioneer on the 24th, 6EJOU, 753, Carl, Luca Agnelli and Warind on the 31st and then August 7th is when Charlie Sparks, Franck, Seedj Winner and Tommy Holohan play. August 14th is Barbara Lago, CHRS, Dexphase, Dyen and SNTS, 21st is DJ Hyperdrive, Future.666, MCR-T, Veffev and Überkikz, the 28th is BIIA, Cloudy, Lee Ann Roberts, Luca Agnelli,  and MRPHN while September 4th sees Basswell, CHRS, CLTX, Lucid and Lesss, Lokier, Luca Agnelli, Maugeri, Valentinø and Yasmin Gardezi play on the 11th and a huge closing party with Berlin institution Tresor on the 18th ends the season with the cult venue’s key residents all playing.