Brooklyn based label Deep&Disco Recordings is impressing again with a beautiful 12” vinyl cut of future soul vibes. The colored record boasts an original track by Pegasus Warning with mixes from Son of Sound, Caserta, 6th Borough Project, and JKriv, making it a lovely trip through the soundscapes of live, original glitched-out soul, and intimately harmonized dubby and warm house music.

Guillermo E. Brown, frontman of Pegasus Warning says the name for their project came to him in a dream, and honestly after listening to Try So Hard on repeat for a little while that statement begins to make sense; This jam sounds like it was extracted straight out of someone’s dream. Guillermo’s voice permeates your soul right from the start, kicking off the musical journey with his lyrics “I want you to love me every day” crooning over a slow building downtempo number with a wonderful ethereal climax at the 3:40 mark.

We can’t sing enough praises on the remixes either. They are as unique and genuine as they come, re-working the original with intricacy and elegance. Although the title track is a low-slung warm-and-cozy kind of anthem, there is plenty of dancing to be done with this package. Starting off the remix section is Son Of Sound‘s deeper revision, conducted by resonating chords and lush, twinkling house pads. The dubbed-out house version comes from well known 6th Borough Project, taking us on a tribal stomp through space. If forced to choose favorites, it’s got to be the one by Boston native Caserta. His work over the past few years has been outstanding and the mix he delivers on this release exhibits no deviation from the quality we’ve heard from his productions so far. Getting dreamy again for his take is label-founder JKriv, a regular distributor for imprints like Razor’N’Tape and File Under Disco. He arranges some of the original elements into a thoughtful, almost meditative head-nodding cosmic groover. Check out the previews for yourself but there is not much to mull over here; This is a must in your life if you are a major lover of vinyl, downtempo, house and all around first-rate music. Enjoy!

Release Date: December 3rd 2014
Artist: Pegasus Warning
Label: Deep&Disco Recordings

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