Partok, Matushka, Apfelberg. Say that three times fast! The Israeli trio hailing from Tel Aviv may not have names we are accustomed to, but their sound strikes a chord with us that eliminates any distance or language barrier. The boys have already made big  waves in their hometown for quite some time now, all holding a residency at ‘The Block’, named one of the five best sounds systems in the entire world.

‘Nai Nai’ kicks things off with an infectious low frequency groove and slapping percussion, setting the mood for the heavenly chopped vocals that are placed overhead, floating through our senses to create some sexy dance floor friction. ‘Station’ on the contrary takes a more minimal approach to the low end, leaving room for the terrestrial synths that surge throughout the track.



ARTIST: PartokMatushkaApfelberg
RELEASE DATE: 2015-07-27
LABEL: Kompakt