Amine is from Tunisia, and Rémi is from France. They joined forces in 2015. Since then, they have become one of the most intriguing live acts. The duo introduced themselves to the world of music with their peculiar blend of hypnotism, melancholia, and trance-inducing rhythms, with a new kind of audiovisual aesthetics.

Amine and Rémi came across countless dreamlike moments since their first live appearance, Deep Psychedelia, at Sanctuary Music Festival in Egypt in 2019.

Fusing Indie Rock, Chillwave, Electronica, Psychedelia, and Deep House with freestyle funky guitars and elements of Ethno makes their shows beyond comparison.

Pandhora have been evolving their skills and launched a string of successful releases on their label Art Vibes Music. Collaborations with Aida Shahghasemi, Menna Hussein, Nomad Saleh, Van Hechter, Samaha, and many other outstanding artists, pushed the artistry even further.

The duo’s onstage presence makes them appealing to outdoor festivals, dance arenas, and numerous online viewings. Their latest live at Château de Commarque, France [Voyage des Koumoul] for Cafe De Anatolia is a treat for every music lover.