For a relatively infant label, On It Recordings is dishing out big releases like a seasoned pro. For the 11th offering on the increasingly popular imprint, they’ve called upon the Mancunian maestro and label boss – ONYVA.

ONYVA’s discography includes releases on the likes of Toolroom Records, Cr2, Red Lunar and, of course, he features heavily guiding this label’s sound and direction. To date, On It Recordings has featured the likes of Wally Lopez, Franky Wah, Mark Jenkyns, Apollo 84 and Jey Kurmis among other current influencers that are shaping the dancefloor delights across the globe. It’s clear to see that this label knows exactly which path it’s taking and is confidently marching on.

The Sambo EP is a four track heavyweight that’s just begging to square up to Ibizan demands and floor them entirely. ‘Sambo’ leads with a tantalising carnival influenced vocal that complements the swaying bassline and energetic percussion that remains a constant throughout. With cleverly placed effects and samples polishing off the production, the title track gives you everything you need to add a solid building block to your sets.

Next up is ‘Light Pulse’ with its acid influences, intricate composition and late night feel. This is a track that will pull back any flaggers with its driving bassline as the night draws to a close. This is punchy track, one that is completely irresistible to move to and satisfyingly darker in contrast to ‘Sambo’.

Finally, there’s ‘Feelin’ Good’ which is a two track twist with the original and a Dub remix. This track does what it says on the tin, bouncy feel good house music that will put wall to wall smiles on the audience. With slightly psychedelic effects and samples throughout making it a multi-layered production that twists and flips in a way that is bound to get lapped up left, right and centre.

The EP can boast support from Steve Lawler, Brett Gould, Joseph Capriati, Josh Butler and many more so it’s a certainty that one or all of these tracks will be blasted out on a dancefloor near you soon…




Juany Bravo

Senior Editor