Parisian producer Olivier Giacomotto is widely known as a top shelf electronic music producer. Spanning many styles and genres he consistently creates masterful pieces that are played worldwide.

With his single “Peritia” on John Acquivana’s Definitive Recordings, Giacomotto continues his legacy of creating quality, energetic dance music. “Peritia” ebbs and flows with layers of grooving percussion, a thumping low end that will shake any dance floor and an addictive modulating arpeggiated synth line.

“Peritia” showcases the skill of Oliver Giacomotto and can be added to the collection of excellently crafted tracks he has produced in his career.


Artist: Olivier Giacomotto
Album: Peritia
Label: Definitive Music
Release Date: 2016-05-09

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John Vaz de Medeiros
Contributing Editor