Hailing from Istanbul, Safak Oz Kutle, also known as Oceanvs Orientalis, is a true maestro at crafting hypnotic, evolving sounds while blending a diverse mix of Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and Armenian influences. Unfolding after a busy year of performances at venues across the globe, including a notable appearance at Crosstown Rebels’ Rebel Rave at Club Space Miami, he now combines his signature downtempo sound with the talents of Italian native Tooker, a partnership two years in the making. With their joint creation teased across their sets, both artists now unveil their first collaboration on the label with the soul-stirring, ‘II Lupo’ including a remix from Damian Lazarus’ longstanding friend, Acid Pauli.

“The story of ‘Il Lupo’ dates back approximately two years. My friend Christopher (Tooker) visited my studio in Istanbul. After some casual conversation, we ended up discussing the Turkish expression “The wolf has had a taste of blood”, which we occasionally used in our conversations. While I explained the meaning of the expression in detail, Chris suddenly grabbed a pen and paper and began jotting down the lyrics. In a matter of seconds, he transformed the expression into a song (such a talent!). Following that, I started writing the bassline and chord progressions, and we spent the evening manipulating and creating various atmospheres. The sexy and somewhat eerie Italian lyrics he wrote and recited, combined with the sounds of wolves in the background, resulted in a real wolf story.” – Oceanvs Orientalis.

‘II Lupo’ weaves a haunting atmosphere through ethereal synthlines, echoing wolf howls and low rumbling drum hits, transporting you to a realm of intrigue and allure. Infusing his unique touch, Acid Pauli adds an extra layer of sonic flare to the release by layering cosmic stabs and shimmering chimes, enriching the melodic experience.

Oceanvs Orientalis ‘II Lupo’ feat. Tooker out now on Crosstown Rebels – buy HERE

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