OC & Verde are one of the hottest pairs in house music right now, and Filth on Acid is one of the hottest labels out there. As such this is a super hot coming together of fresh house goodness. Ot comes after Pete Tong announced them as ‘New Names for 2018’ and Danny Howard caned their last remix and once again proves they are on fire right now.

Hex opens things with dark and driving bass and drums making for an all consuming atmosphere, Little rays of light and hope come from the keys which twinkle up top and the effect is a fine one that will make a big impact in large warehouse spaces.

On the flip is the rumbling monster that is Ritual, with rock solid kicks rooted to the floor and searching synths bring an ominous mood. Its a track that is devoid of human life until and angelic vocal coms in form the top to send shivers down your spine. Again it’s a high impact track that is designed for big things, much like the pair behind it.  

Hex is out now! Grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/hex/2269902