Joey McNulty grew up with the nickname Nutty, but over the past few years he has pushed that name to prove himself in a very literal sense.

Nutty released his debut EP on UK’s Prescribed only 3 months ago, and since has experienced a great deal of success in the world of underground house music. He earned the #4 spot on Magnetic Mag’s tech house chart for his single on Art Department Records, was a finalist in option4’s viral producer scouting, and has tracks soon to come out on Enzo Siffredi’s Wired and Nico Mendez’s new label Johnny Johnny. He is currently building his own label, Telomere Records, which emphasizes the sensual, experimental, and sultry side of deep house.

His production style aims for the deep and quirky side of underground house music, sometimes branching towards the soulful feel-good vibe, and sometimes driving straight for the late night banger end of the spectrum. This release is exactly that.

The title track “Sex & Minimal Tech” is self explanatory. Crisp and intricate percussion combined with tight kicks and interchanging bass layers create an orchestra of sweat inducing grooves. Seductive vocals explain the what life is all about in the simplest, most obvious way ever. Play this track at midnight and watch the freaks get down.

“Lemme Smash” takes things deeper with a sexy bass line and jacking kicks alongside a lethal dose of accents that we like to categorize under “spook-tech”. Sexually focused vocal cuts make this tune provocative af and a certified freak summoner.

Nutty – Lemme Smash (Original Mix) [Art Dept]

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Artist: Nutty
Title: Sex & Minimal Tech EP
Label: Art Dept.
Release: 30/06/2017


– jams
Jimbo James