Electronique are very pleased to finally bring their first release on their new Electronique sister label Electronique NU. They are also delighted to welcome Nolan who has previously released on labels such as Get Physical, OFF Recordings and Nurvous and will have the honor of been first up with Everyday & Everynight. This slow and sexy disco number features the delectable and sultry vocals of Amber Jolene reminiscing on Yvette Michelles classic original. On remix duties they welcome the super talented KANT & S.K.A.M. who both bring something fresh to the release KANT with his warm synths and deep bass also applying Amber’s vocal to unique effect whilst S.K.A.M. brings the grooves and funk with his Dub. This package also comes with Bonus track Chase The Fame backed with a remix from Compost’s very own Rey & Kjavik. We think it’s fair to say Electronique NU has arrived!


Artist:  Nolan feat. Amber Jolene
Title:  Everyday & Everything EP
Label:  Electronique NU
Catalog No.:  NU001