No Pants Party is back with a massive new single titled “TECHTONIC”! The bass heavy, tech house driver is a dance floor killer all around. With no forgiveness in the mood through the entire track, it’s easy to see why this made it’s home to Low Ceiling, the signature label from artists DONT BLINK.

No Pants Party had this to say about the release; “This is the first track we’ve produced where we wrote the vocals, rather than just using samples we’ve found. We’d been wanting to come up with something catchy but silly and got inspired when we were driving up to Mammoth Mountain last year and chatting about California’s impressive geological features. We thought it would be fun to do a sort of play on words with “tectonic plates” in a tech house track, and Techtonic was born! LOW CEILING is the perfect home for the high energy sound of the track.”

“TECHTONIC'” is out now on Beatport and all streaming platforms!