Spain’s Kevin Corral is a new school star who is helping to drive the house and tech scene forward with his cutting-edge sound. He always brings high-octane grooves and playful synths that are aimed squarely at the floor but are never light on emotion either. For that reason, he is a firm favourite with tastemakers like Jamie Jones and Solardo.

The opener ‘Call In The Rain’ has an immediately captivating and folky vocal full of soul. It brings a unique edge to the slamming drums and dark, driving bass, while twitchy sci-fi FX ensures this one a firmly set in the future. Few tech house cuts have this sort of standout quality. ‘Spaghetti Western’ is built on another killer drum and bass combo that is tight and kinetic, while this time samples of a legendary cowboy and his whistles are woven into the beats. It’s a punchy and high-impact house sound with a truly unique character.

Kevin Corral ‘Call In The Rain’ is out now – buy HERE

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