Fresh off of electrifying live performances at Cityfox New Year’s Eve Party at Avant Gardner in NYC and Antik in San Jose, Costa Rica, N/UMs latest single release ‘How Deceiving‘ is followed by a new EP ‘First Light’ set to arrive today, February 23, via Ninetofire.

N/UM are widely regarded as modern pioneers of innovative electronic music and rightfully so. Their sound is ever-changing, yet soothing.

The trio’s enticing fusion of hypnotic rhythms, spherical melodies and delicate voice elements has become a major innovative force in recent years.

In what has become their signature feature, N/UMs tracks always start off as improvised studio or live sessions and are then expertly mastered to become timeless pieces containing the concentrated essence of N/UMs artistic vision. N/UM easily transcend genre confines and their music brilliantly blends Minimal, Deep House and Melodic elements.

‘First Light’ once again is a prime example of N/UMs musical prowess and creative expression. From the pulsating rhythms of ‘Minor Infractions’, to the ethereal melodies of ‘First Light’ each track offers is distilled N/UM electronic magic.

‘First Light’ by N/UM releases today, February 23rd, on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to the new EP HERE

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