– Check My Track provides its users with a safe testing ground to further shape and progress their ideas.

Creating music on your own is by its very definition a solitary process. Beginners in music production often find themselves with no-one to bounce ideas off. It can be hard to know when a track is ready to go, whether it needs more work, and if so what are the adjustments that must be made.             

Check My Track is a social music platform across desktop and mobile that solves this issue by encouraging music enthusiasts, aspiring musicians and established music producers to share developing ideas and get instant feedback. The platform let’s you record, upload and share your musical works-in-progress with a community of like-minded music lovers and invites them to leave feedback, advice and critiques on your tracks to help you refine and realise ideas the best way possible. To keep things simple and easily digestible, we allow our community to share 1-minute segments only. In addition, users can pin the most useful feedback for easy access when further developing a musical composition.

Got a loop or a jam and you’re not sure what to do with it or how to turn it into a full track ? Having technical problems with certain parts of production or just simply want to know what others think of something you have created ? Check My Track lets you do all this and more, providing a safe testing ground for creators to further shape and progress their ideas without the often intimidating prospect of total public scrutiny.

Check My Track gives you access to creative processes of your favorite artists, allowing you to hear various bits and pieces of sonic goodness before official release. Stay updated and build closer relationships with your favourite artists. Get instant access to their creative processes from jams and experimentations to demos and track previews. Get a better understanding of how your favorite artists create and develop their sounds, and learn more about music production with every minute.