[New Release] Deep, heavy, melodic, ghetto, funky… So many words can describe Sishi Rosch’s new EP, but one word that definitely comes to mind is DARK!!!  Out now on Get The Curse Music, No More Hits EP is a strictly ominous record that journeys deep into the world of techno while still retaining that infamous Rosch style.  With remixes from Siopsis, Clement Meyer, and Tomas More,  expect to hear this one played in dark warehouses and in many late night sets.


The first song, ‘Relax Your Legs,’ is aphotic with haunting vocals and a darkened bass line. The title track ‘No More Hits’ stays on the same path taking you even further into the darkness that is this EP.  ‘Harlem 4 am’ is the pinacle of the release as the depth and other-worldly feel is culminated in its bassline and echoing vocals.  Siopsis adds his own style to ‘Relax Your Legs’ by adding a caliginous melody and giving the song a largely techno feel. Finally, Meyer and More join forces to bring you their own obscured version of the title track with heavy energy for the dance floor.


Overall this whole EP is incredible and commits itself to a dark mood and tone. I always look forward to any release from Sishi and this one is no exception. I expect to hear more great things from him and I look forward to his future productions.




Artist:  Sishi Rosch
Title:  No More Hits EP
Label:  Get The Curse Music
Catalog No.:  31891


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