[New Release] In the past year Maxxi Soundsystem easily made his way to the top of many producers’ and DJs’ charts.  With his new release, out now on Nurvous Records, it is clear why he is where he is today. Maxxi remixes the classic disco hit ‘Just Let Me Be’ by Scandal, trying to not stray too far from its original disco roots, and gives the song a more updated feel that will surely rock dance floors as long as the original did and will still seem fresh years from now. With its proper use of vocals, sexy bass line, and smooth synths, this jam is sure to keep people moving all summer long!!!




Artist:  Scandal, Maxxi Soundsystem
Title:  Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NE22601


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