[New Release] One of the very first songs that turned me on to deep house and dance music was last years hit “Juicy Fruit” by Adana Twins. With that old school vibe, sampling, and the funky bass line, it became my own personal holy grail and I have been on the search for that same sound ever since. With the release of Robosonic‘s newest EP, Worst Love (Off Recordings), I can safely say that my thirst has been satisfied.

Employing samples on top of samples, Robosonic takes Dilated Peoples “Worst Comes to Worst” and that song’s source material, William Bell’s “I Forgot To Be Your Lover,” throws in some classic house claps and percussion, a subtle, yet oh so groovy bass line, and blends them all together to provide us with the records title track. “Worst Love,” while it is a house track, manages to hold on to that beautiful sound and emotion that comes with soul music.

It seems fitting that Doctor Dru would bless this track with a remix, as he worked with the Adana Twins on “Juicy Fruit.” However, for his version Doctor Dru turns the lights down and the bass up to create what is almost a completely different song, save for vocal samples and sparse use of the original music sample. A straight up deep house sound and energetic groove, this is definitely one for the night club.

Fritz Zander also jumps aboard for remix duties, adding to the EP a version of “Worst Love” made for the house-heads. Finishing up the EP is another Robosonic original, “Thankful.” The same sound and style the title track is on display here as well, this time with a vocal sample from William DeVaughn’s classic 70’s song, “Be Thankful for What You Got.”

I fell in love with Worst Love the second I heard it, and more so every time I listen to it. Having grown up with soul music loving parents, it’s an amazing feeling having those songs re-imagined and re-worked for a new generation in a way that makes it modern, yet still keeps the feelings and emotions of the original. Robosonic’s record is a testament to the timelessness of music and that it truly is for lovers.



Artist Name: Robosonic
Title: Worst Love
Record Label: Off Recordings
Catalog Number: OFF031