Seattle’s Uniting Souls Music welcomes back Michael Manahan to the fold with his rapturous new
single Broke The Time Clock. Manahan has been active in the northwest US scene for over twenty years, co-founding the Oracle Gatherings and producing the Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival, two well-
established North American dance music events. his first single for Uniting Souls, “Regulate The Deep,” introduced many dancefloors to his flavor of deep house — and this latest cut will undoubtedly expand this
audience. “Broke The Time Clock” swirls with gated chords, synth builds, an angelic vocal calling from deep in the track, and bass-heavy rhythms. The vibe is spacey and cosmic, accentuated by a futuristic vocoder
breakdown. On the remix side, Florida’s Atnarko (Infiltr8:Celebr8) delivers a version that begins
hypnotically, with percussive chimes and pulsing pads implying the passing of the moments. A chunky
rhythm pushes the vibe in motion as sonic layers and trippy treatments shimmer in the mix. Jamie
Schwabl (Wulfpack, Hunt & Gather) pulls things even deeper with an evocative minimal rerub that features
amazing sound design and atmosphere. And the duo of Jordan Strong & Knoe1, no strangers to Uniting
Souls, have the final say with a remix that draws on the fabled West Coast Sound and puts their distinctive
spin on it. These tunes are ready for immediate late night deployment!

‘Broke The Time Clock’ EP is out now via Uniting Souls Music


Turn it up & enjoy!