[New Release]  2012 has been a stellar year for Culprit.  With incredible releases from the likes of Gavin Herlihy, Subb-an, Jozif, and Climbers, and also raising the bar with their amazing, world famous rooftop parties, Culprit brings us a perfect combination of deep and tech-house vibes with the LAX EP by Matt Tolfrey and Lazaro Casanova featuring Nikko Gibler.

The title track, “LAX,” is a sultry blend of deep grooves and banging beats with beautiful, enchanting vocals by Nikko that give this track a very provocative feel.  “Globe” sends us on a trip around the world with its retro synths, sexy bass, charming melody, and once again, amazing vocals from Nikko.  The final track off the EP, “Metronomy,” goes deep into the world that is Culprit.  With its ominous keys, thrilling bass line, and haunting vocals, this track is an awesome finish to an already intoxicating EP.

Keep up the great work guys <3




Artist: Matt Tolfrey & Lazaro Casanova ft. Nikko Gibler
Title: LAX EP
Label:  Culprit
Catalog No.:  CP024


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