[New Release] Just in time for spring mating season. “Title track ‘Frisky’ has all the flair of a Maceo floor burner, destined to warm bodies as the night draws in and set the mood for fun and friskiness. With a sprinkling of classic Maceo dust over the mid-tempo chugging groove, the bassline rumbles below that well renowned funk and there’s no doubt Maceo’s reign over slinky hypnotic house is set to continue.

Continuing in the smokey house vein but lifting the tempo for the later crowd, ‘Sex Appeal’ is another ode to the fairer members of the species and injects a little romance into the more bumping slice of Maceo gold on offer here. A dose of acid and a breakdown and slow build of shooting synths until the melodic bassline drop is sure to raise the roof.”
Crosstown Rebels does it again. Get familiar with this one lovers, it will inevitably be fueling you the through many ‘frisky’ spring and summer nights on the horizon.