[New Release] The DJ gods have spoken and are opening the underworld to match their heaven.  Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay have been touring with their “All Day I Dream” party – which has a corresponding label by the same name – bestowing party goers with elegant and elongated sets woven by the dreamiest and most euphoric sounds possible. Now, the two are debuting the dark to their light, in an aptly titled label, “Get Weird.”  In a statement on Burridge’s website, he writes:


“The labels sound is the night to [All Day I Dream]’s day. Now, putting the word “WEIRD” in a label’s title might give you certain ideas. At some point I know we will find our way to the weirder end of what we play but the label will be all over the place for music we play after dark in clubs across the globe. One thing is for sure when it comes to each release. It will be music to make you wiggle your hips. Promise!”


As someone addicted to the dark and heavy, this sounds like my dream. The tracks on this release are, as promised, nighttime, trip-inducing journeys perfect for the after-hours club. Stand out on the EP is Rocket’s Revamp of Konrad Black’s track “Devastator.” The track is incredibly weighty; the heavy, jagged bass plonking dancing feet determinedly to the floor, while trippy FX and vocals pulsate in the background.


Get Weird is a trip to the flip side, and this first release is a great start to that adventure.




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