[New Release] Nurvous Records is at is again and continuing their trend of taking classic dance floor jams and giving them a modern feel.  Their newest release tackles the 1994 hit ‘Nitelife’ by Kim English with remixes from Alexis Raphael, Raffa FL, and H2.

This remix package starts off with a stellar remix from Alexis Raphael.  Alexis puts his touches this track with perfect use of vocals, spacey synths, and banging drums — this track is a pure deep house dance floor banger.  Raffa FL adds his own remix to the equation by slowing it down a bit, using the vocals in a flawless manner, adding an intoxicating bass line giving the song a Nu-Disco feel.  The H2 remix has a techy feel and booming bass line.

This remix package is simply amazing as each track from the release covers the many genres that make up the dance music we love. Whether you are in a deep, techy, or nu-disco type of mood, Nurvous has you covered.  Plan on hearing all these tracks in constant rotation in many DJs’ sets.




Artist:  Kim English
Title:  Nitelife 2012 Remixes
Record Label:  Nurvous Records
Catalog No.:  NE22546


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