[New Release] I’ve said it before … and I’ll say it a million times more … MEXA ES TODO! Ever since Mexa first entered my consciousness in February it has been true and pure love, adoration and infatuation. Every new release or remix or podcast that seems to come from one of their artists only serves to solidify that love and affirmation, and the newest and third release on Mexa is no different. A ‘Heavyweight’ heavy-hitter, this newest release is my favorite mix of the perfect balance of deep, dark, and sexy that is so emblematic to the Mexa vibes brought to us by UKs Ashley Wild.


The album kicks off with title track ‘Heavyweight’, laced with an eerie bassline and ominous vocals but sprinkled with sexy female moans, the track is straight up sexy. The next features a Mexican interpretation of the title track and takes it down Tim Burton’s rabbit hole and to the seriously twisted wonderland on the other side. If you thought the title track was eerie, give this remix a feel. My favorite track from the album is this second track and remix by fellow sexicans Balcazar & Sordo, who take it for a ride on the darker side. The third track is by another Brit, sir Alexis Raphael, who brings us a more club ready dance heavy track laced with live sounding vocals and a quicker vibe. Each version truly does sound uniquely it’s own, the original would be perfect to drop anytime day or night, my favorite by Balcazar & Sordo instantly transports me to dawn patrol after-hours, while the heavy dance ready version by Alexis Raphael wants to put me in the middle of dark n sexy club vibe. The EP rounds out with another original by Wild, titled ‘Undress Me’. THIS right here, this is seriously sinfully sublimely sexy. That bassline, that hook, that deep voice, that vibe … you can’t help but start swaying your shoulders and dropping your hips, almost as if you’re making love to the music itself while that sexy voice whispers … ‘Come on undress me’


Take a dip in the darker side with this one my dearest lovers …



Artist: Ashley Wild
Label: Mexa Records
Release Date: July 23
Catalog: MEXA003