[New Mix] Ok, so it’s not spankin’ brand shinin’ new (it is from April) BUT Subb-an’s mixes never lose their charm and energy.  This dark and techy mix is a perfect showcase of Subb-an’s fresh sound.  Here is his interview with Fabric:


Hey Ash, we last had you in the disco for the Hot Natured Room Three takeover. How did you enjoy the party?
Yes I remember that night and weekend very well, it was part of a marathon four-gig weekender, which set the tone for the year. The night was great at fabric and I’ve come to know the guys well, Jamie more so. He’s given me some good advice over the years and has always been an inspiration to me, plus he is great fun to hang out with!

How does it feel to be playing Room One this Saturday for the Rebel Rave takeover?
GREAT! It will be my first time in Room One and with it being a Rebel Rave with the crew it’s sure to be a lot of fun. I remember going to Room One for the first time seven years ago and having some of the most amazing experiences, so it’s great to experience it as a DJ.

Bit of a tough one but if you had to pick a stand out moment from your career to date what would it be?
Very tough one, but I guess it would be being lucky enough to remix artists like Lana Del Ray and Jamie Woon, although there have been so many great experiences I have had in the ten years I have been collecting and making records. The clubs I’ve played, the places I’ve travelled and the friends I’ve made through music are all a blessing.

How much of your time is devoted to co-running One Records? What’s new from the label that we should be looking out for?



fabric Rebel Rave Mix 2012 by subb-an


1. Zap / Wbeeza – Keep Fresh / Jack The Car
2. Massimo Cassini – Travian
3. Zap – Gates
4. Waff – Jo Johnson – Subb-an Dub
5. Mountain People – 008.3
6. Ruben F – Feeling About You
7. Subb-an – Project A
8. Jordan Peak – I want You – Subb-an Remix
9. DJ Bernant – Fucking Filter – Ivan’s Cube Cleaning Dub eDIT
10. Goiko – You & Me
11. Tiga – Pleasure From The Bass – Subb-an Remix
12. S.A.S – We Got Jazz Company
13. Bonar Bradberry – S.A.S Remix
14. Adapter – September In Love

Don’t forget to check out Subb-an at Analog Bar TONIGHT in San Diego.