[New Mix] Hot off the press is Listed’s new podcast episode featuring M.A.N.D.Y. & DJ T’s live mix from the Ship of Fools 2012. This mix, recorded live on listed Productions and Magnetic Grooves’ Sunday morning Ship of Fools at WMC 2012 in Miami, reflects the nature of Get Physical. It is music that leaves you no choice but to be in touch with your body – feeling the gentle sway of the grooves and nodding your head to well-chosen hooks that are tasty and playful, but never obvious. Perfectly paced for a Sunday morning affair, the set went down soon after sunrise on a boat full of silly partiers too dedicated to sleep (or too tired to go home). With the ship steadily rocking and rolling across the waves, the dancers found themselves doing just the same, responding to the irresistible push and pull of a sophisticated but danceable sound that left everyone as energized as they were exhausted.