[New Mix] In preparation for their performance this Saturday at Fabric, along with Thugfucker, Clockwork has put out a nice and deep promo mix – the way we like it.

Francesco Leali and Federico Maccherone keep it coming on time like Clockwork. With an upcoming album on Life And Death and a hot new live band show on the horizon, the Italian music freaks have been working up a sweat since their debut release on Hot Creations this February. Filling dancefloors flawlessy at intimate party joints across the globe, this Saturday the boys will be bringing their twist on the low pitch breed of techno to Room Three alongside Life And Death boss, Thugfucker. A slice of which you can sample on their fabric mix, which they’ve told us, is a far cry from your conventional house mix and features unreleased cuts you’re going to love.


Clockwork Fabric Promo Mix – November ’11 by c/w