MASCHINE+ is an entire studio workflow rolled into one sweet box. Sketch and develop your ideas with an iconic workflow, dive through virtually endless sounds with a suite of powerful instruments and effects from Native, hook up your existing gear, and do it all with or without a computer.

At around $1100 it’s definitely one for the heads. But let’s take a quick look under the hood… Aimed squarely at live performance and better workflow, MASCHINE+ boasts a dedicated package of nine synths and sampled instruments, thirty five effects, and seven Expansions (including two of your own choosing) that work seamlessly in standalone mode.

Included are MASSIVE, FM8, MONARK, PRISM, the MASCHINE Factory Selection, RAUM, and PHASIS, which means its 16 pads can sound like a dusty vintage drumkit, a warped wavetable lead, or an organic modal synth! The only limits here are your imagination.

Whether you’re digging records or ripping radio edits, you can record any sound into MASCHINE+ and quickly chop and stretch the results into your own custom kits. Or transform and twist them in real-time with the Audio plug-in. The same goes for guitars, vocals, drums, and anything else – more sounds means more creative ways to make music.

Introducing Clips
Clips let you arrange your ideas with even more freedom. Create transitions across scenes, add unique variation to patterns, record MIDI directly into the full arrangement, and freely add audio wherever you need it. Once you’ve fleshed out your ideas, you can use MASCHINE+ as a powerful tool to push tracks past the finish line.

Fully Integratable
Play and sequence outboard gear and capture the results, or manipulate external audio in real time with effects. MASCHINE+ can control, mix, and manipulate the rest of your setup with MIDI, line, and mic inputs to bring everything together instantly. And if you want to work with a computer, it doubles up as a classic MASCHINE controller too.

Powerful Wireless Features
MASCHINE+ is Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can install new sounds, instruments, and effects at the touch of a button, without a computer in sight. When it comes to jamming with others or playing out live, keep in sync with other music apps, DAWs, and compatible gear with Ableton Link.

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