You Are Hear is one of the newest labels on our radar and with only their second release out yesterday, they are already impressing us with their sound. The label was created by some of our absolute favorites, Holmar Filipsson (Thugfucker), James Healy (Escape Art), and Pete Sung (Dessous). You Are Hear is a labor of love, created by three producers from San Francisco, Seoul, and Reykjavik collectively who moved to and met in New York City. James Healy produces/DJs under the name Escape Art and is the founder of labels Air Texture and the Agriculture. Pete Sung has released music on Dessous and Urban Torque. Holmar Filipsson started the infamous Crack&Speed label with Jef K and produced music there as Mr. Negative and The Spencer Filipsson Experience with Sasse & Olivier Spencer of Still Going fame. Then he teamed up with Greg Oreck to form Thugfucker and eventually the artist collaboration Life and Death with Tale of Us and DJ Tennis.


Founded in 2012, New York City based You Are Hear (YAH!) represents the new international sounds crossing the Triboro every weekend. From the downtown clubs to the Brooklyn warehouses, it’s all here in NYC. Where the history of Paradise Garage, New Jersey and Body and Soul meet Minimal, New Disco, Techno, and Renegade sound systems, it’s a beautiful thing.


The second release for the label introduces us to Myrakaru, the mysterious creative duo of Indrek Tamm and Joel Tammik hailing from Tallinn, Estonia. The release spotlights ‘Suuskuu’, a dreamy, whimsical, airy and entrancing track that fills you with those beautiful sunrise session surreal vibes, bringing out of darkness into a bright new morning. The release is loaded with 5 remixes. While the remix from Filipsson and Lindblad drops out the more celestial airy overtones but keeps the track a sexy smooth by maintaining that main effortless ease as the original, the remix from Escape Art enhances and draws out the dreamy overtones, kicking it up with some tribal laced jungle vibes, this one takes it for a trip. The remix from Tigerskin takes the track for a faster vibe with a chugging bassline and harder hitting beats but still maintainins that whimsical undertone. The progression to the remix from Pan-Pot invites in a true techno treat like only the infamous duo know how, with unyielding driving top hats and penetrating percussion they transform the track to a heavy techno heater. The remix package closes out with a more minimal approach from Karlus and Baktus, stripping it down to the delicate essentials.


Overall, an absolutely amazing release. In love with the original and impressed with the way each remix artist really interprets the track and makes it something completely different and their own. If this second release is any indication to what we can expect from You Are Hear in the future, it’s safe to say we’ve found one of our new favorite labels!




Artist:  Myrakaru / Filipsson and Lindblad, Escape Art, Tigerskin, Pan-Pot, Karlus and Baktus
Title: Suuskuu
Label: You Are Hear
Release Date: September 9
Catalog: YAH002


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– Minxxx // Michelle Samtoy