In 2019, Morpei made a splash on Desert Hearts with his EP debut, ‘Desert Faith.’ Today, the Bolivian talent makes his awaited return to the label with a high-charged new effort titled ‘Churchadelic.’

All three of ‘Churchadelic’s’ tracks are fast paced and filled with energy, suiting them well for peak time. Morpei takes inspiration from the classics in his process, imbuing impassioned vocals, organ licks, and a funk-driven bassline into the record’s title track for a powerful opening. Continuing the classic motif, ‘Acid Martians’ bursts with acid lines and a touch of breakbeat. ‘Churchadelic’ finishes with ‘Money Havey’—which ventures in a deeper direction with grooving analog melodies and subtle sound effects.

Recent years have seen Morpei take on an increasing presence in the international spotlight. His affinity for deep grooves and polished productions has landed him on the likes of Get Physical, RH2, and Audiophile deep while becoming a favorite among Pete Tong’s Radio 1 rotation.