Continuing his sonic journey through his debut LP, Morgin Madison follows up ‘Start Again’ with another progressive house feat. ‘Feels Like’ is available now via mau5trap, and serves as the final single ahead of Morgin Madison’s debut LP, Living the Phantasm (April 30).

Born in a time of uncertainty, ‘Feels Like’ is a powerful testament to perseverance. Ripe with nostalgic progressive house elements and warm, swelling synths, ‘Feels Like’ is a euphoric nod to progressive house’s roots. Combining his production mastery with his knack for all things sound design, Morgin Madison further solidifies his rank as one of mau5trap’s most promising rising stars.

‘To me, ‘Feels Like’ is a bit of a sibling song to ‘Start Again.’ They’re both heavily inspired by the 2010 era of progressive house, except ‘Feels Like’ carries more of a vocal/club aesthetic. Dance music fans that were into electronic music a decade ago are definitely going to understand where this is coming from, and this song is certainly a love letter to that time.– Morgin Madison