Monkey Safari is on the rise with the heat this summer. Their latest release Bernstein is already being heard on dance floors around the world. These two Germans, Sven Fröhlich and Lars Rühlemann made this incredible duo in 2008 later creating their home base label Hommage. A label made for great music during sunny days to those late night dark dance floors, art by Diskorobot and great people.

Bernstien EP kicks off with “Plexus” a techno track full of those building kicks and high hats that transcends with a catchy bell melody. Adding John Digweed and Nick Muir on the EP, the “Plexus” remix transforms the melody into a funky rhythm that slides in and out of capturing synths. “Bernstein” rides along smoothly with bits and pieces of synths and hooks that rope you into an unforgettable groove. The Spanish producer Uner revises the “Bernstein” track into a delicious drum driven track full of tropical frame drums and tablas topped off with classical string sounds. The dark meets the light here and illuminates the soulful delight. This track could show respect to the classical composer Leonard Bernstein, with its classic techno kicks and variety of perfectly composed sounds. I think Mr. Bernstein would be impressed with the transgression music has gone through in this EP. Salute.

Artist: Monkey Safari, John Digweed, Nick Muir, Uner
Original Release Date: 2016-06-17
Label: Hommage
Label:Catalog No: HOME017

Monkey Safari – Bernstein

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor