[Mix] I have been seriously in love, almost to the point of bordering on obsession … ok, yeah, obsession, with anything and everything produced, mixed, or even touched by the Dynamic family lately. This latest podcast from Karmon is no exception. His last podcast for Deephouse Amsterdam I may or may not have listened to on repeat for a solid week straight, and I have a feeling this one is going to receive the same amount of love. While each of these masterminds definitely has their own unique and original flavor, it’s that sound and vibe, so emblematic to the Dynamic label that I love so much. To make a good mix, one that flows, one that people actually want to listen through the entire set is no small feat, it may seem easy but after listening to countless mixes you know that all too often, even with a good song selection, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Karmon just gets it. Every mix of his I have had the pleasure of experiencing thus far has had me in a blissful trance. From his exquisite taste in tracks to the effortless ease the mix exudes, it’s just plain prime. Download immediately and get lost in the bliss babes …





Favorite Hidden Gems:

Crek – Let You (Original Mix) 

Rodriguez Jr. – Palo Alto (Original Mix) [Mobilee Records]

Animal Trainer – After Monday (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]

Ali Love – Playa (Original Mix) [Hot Creations] 

Mat.Joe – Heart To Find – OFF035

HNQO feat. bip – As I See [Off Recordings]

 Yannis PK – Drive Me Crazy (Original Mix)

Fabo – ft Lostcause – Where I Stand (KARMON Remix)

Kolombo Feat. Plastic Bertrand – Stop Ou Encore

RampaHollis P Monroe – Look Out Feat. Overnite (Original Mix)

HNQO – We Do It (Original Mix) [Playperview]