Following the release of ‘Move With Me’ in October, Mistier continues to paint the universe with introspective songwriting and ethereal musicality, turning to his latest release, ‘Lost My Way’, to portray a tale of personal rediscovery and emotional ascension.
Mistier was birthed from the spiritual and musical bonds formed at Burning Man, with the ambience of the playa permeating his tunes. Any Mistier composition evokes visions of a sun setting into the desert landscape, led by its elevating beats, harmonious tunes, and impactful lyrics.
‘Lost My Way’ is another beautiful signature piece from Mistier, further solidifying his innate talent for weaving intricately melodious records with evocative lyrics and universally relative nuances. Striking a chord with many people, ‘Lost My Way’ speaks for a pivotal realisation in one’s life where we may feel absent, invisible or just lost. Building around Mistier’s arresting vocals, the track’s musical tapestry comprises pulsating rhythms and subtle percussive drive alongside a boundless expanse of melodic layers, bringing together celestial pads, arpeggiating synth melodies, emotive strings and sweeping bass notes in extraordinary cinematic fashion.

“Lost My Way” is out now!